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In November and December 2005, Yax Te' collaborated with several other organizations on a new vacation school project in San Pedro la Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala. Yax Te' books were provided free to participants in the school, which served over 100 Tz'utujil children with curriculum review, cultural courses, and traditional arts projects.

In late fall 2005, Yax Te' staff helped organize sales and donation events to support the Guatemalan victims of Hurricane Stan, especially residents of Tecpán Guatemala. There, the houses of several families whose children attend a school where Yax Te' books are used were washed away when the river overflowed. On November 16, 2006, our contributions were part of the funds given to homeowners for the purpose of purchasing new land on which to build. (Images courtesy of Florenico Calí.) »more images

In mid-2005 Yax Te' co-funded the reprinting of the nine-language version of Artes y Artesanías de Guatemala, a coloring book by artist Marilyn Anderson.

Since 2005, Yax Te' books have been distributed free by the Proyecto Lingüístico Francisco Marroquín in Antigua Guatemala to local schools and community projects.


In November 2004, Laura Martin and Nadine Grimm collaborated with Rafael Landívar University on a three-day teachers' workshop held in the Ixcán, in Guatemala. The Ixcán is a remote jungle region of Guatemala with a multilingual population of returned exiles from the armed conflict. Sessions featured the multidisciplinary use of work by Maya poets, the teaching of Mayan values through literature, and expressive creation using recycled materials. »more images

Since 2004, Yax Te' books have been distributed to teachers, schools and cultural organizations all over the country by the Instituto de Lingüística y Educación at Landívar University in Guatemala. Teachers are asked to use the books for curricular development and classroom presentations.


In 2003, Laura Martin and Nadine Grimm, the new hosts of Yax Te' Books, followed in Dr. Peñalosa's footsteps by distributing copies of the nine-language version of Marilyn Anderson's coloring book, Artes y Artesanias Mayas de Guatemala to over sixty Maya teachers in Kaqchikel and Tz'utujil communities in Tecpán Guatemala and San Pedro la Laguna. Use of Yax Te' publications in teacher workshops was inaugurated at this time.

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