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NEW: Xumakil / Botón en Flor / Budding
by Gaspar Pedro González

Poems about life, culture, language and natural beauty in the Cuchumatán mountains of Guatemala. Published in a trilingual edition: Q’anjob’al, Spanish and English.

Cost: $10, plus postage and handling

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El 13 B'aktun: La nueva era 2012 (El fin del ciclo desde la óptica maya contemporánea)
by Gaspar Pedro González

Cast in the form of an extended dialogue, this new work by the distinguished Q'anjob'al novelist, poet, and scholar explains the Mayan B'aktun calendar cycle that will conclude its round in the Gregorian calendar year 2012. Ranging across topics in Mayan cosmovision and cultural values, the work begins with a recapitulation of Mayan creation accounts. It touches on comparative prophecy and ceremonial observance, all the while disputing the erroneous interpretations given to Mayan calendric cycles by non-Mayas for their own purposes (e.g., recent film versions!). This is an essential work for all those seeking a Mayan perspective on this popular topic. In Spanish. (An English edition is expected in 2008.)

Published privately, 2006; $13.00
ISBN 99922-2-331-6


Our most recent publication! An English re-edition of a work published by the group of Kaqchikel artists and investigators known as Gorrión Chupaflor in Sumpango who researched the techniques and meanings of traditional clothing in their community. Filled with details about age-related clothing traditions. Fully illustrated.

44 pages 2006 $8.00
ISBN 1-886502-64-1

Yax Te' can now make available some of the beautiful publications of Maya writers and photographers from Chiapas. This month we feature three titles related to food and produced by the Chiapas Photography Project, a non-profit artistic project by Tzoztil and Tzeltal-speaking Mayas in Chiapas. We are pleased to feature the following three works on food-related topics. Each is filled with full-color photos and a multilingual Tzotzil-Spanish-English text that discusses the historical, cultural, and culinary significance of each product. These are polished professional products, suitable as gifts. Limited quantities.

Ixim Maíz Corn
By Emiliano Guzmán Meza
79 pages 2004 $25.00
ISBN 968-496-488-9

Nuestro Chile / Our Chilis
By Juana López López
79 pages 2002 $25.00
ISBN 968-496-416-12002

Pox: Un licor tradicional de Chiapas / Posh: A Traditional Liquour from Chiapas
By Genaro Sántiz Gómez
79 pages 2005 $25.00




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