Product : BEARD TAMER Beard Trimmer Shaping Tool Template. Innovative NEW DESIGN & TRANSPARENT beard shaper for easy use with clipper or razor. LIGHTWEIGHT & FLEXIBLE for easy handling. BONUS Beard Shaping User

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The time has come.... To take beard shaping to the NEXT LEVEL!

If your beard starts to do its own thing, crack the whip at it! Take control of the unruly fuzz and become a MASTER BEARD TAMER! Deftly wield this innovative and unique beard shaper tool to swiftly and effectively style a facial masterpiece time after the comfort of your own home.

Refine your beard training routine and cut that prickly mess off at the pass. The BEARD TAMER beard shaping template is the ultimate tool to tame flyaway beards, and... not only can you become the ringmaster of your beard, with our beard trimmer you can also take control of: -

✔ Hair styles
✔ Unruly eyebrows
✔ Scruffy neck hair

This BEARD TAMER does it all!

You are just one step away from unparalleled symmetry as you step into the light and fearlessly gain mastery of Man v Beard. This tool has every angle & every style at your fingertips, with precision styling made easy. No more letting the beast outwit you; with our TRANSPARENT beard shaping template, you will exude confidence and control over your beard, whipping it into shape!

Be prepared for lots of attention - but hey... you deserve it!

All you need to do to master YOUR beard is to click on "BUY NOW" & youll see the transformation in how you look and feel, as soon as you begin using it.



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INNOVATIVE, ADVANCED NEW DESIGN takes beard trimming & beard shaping to THE NEXT LEVEL. Our beard shaper tool is designed by Barbers & experienced Beardsmen to give you a PROFESSIONAL CUT, time after time in the comfort of your own home. Designed with DIFFERENT SIZED CUTTING EDGES for all shapes of faces, because one size does NOT fit all.
- COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT for easy styling. Use with a beard trimmer, clipper or razor. TAPERED EDGE on all sides for precision, control & shave line symmetry, giving you the look and feel you deserve. PLUS, a FREE USER E-BOOK emailed to you on the day of purchase.
- NOT JUST FOR BEARDS - Get a new Hairstyle; use the BEARD TAMER styling template tool to shave a parting, zig-zags or tram lines for a new EDGY LOOK. Trim the BACK OF YOUR NECK too with ease. You can even thin out EYEBROWS.
- The PERFECT LUXURY BOYFRIEND / HUSBAND GIFT. Highest quality packaging & easy to follow USER GUIDE included, with diagrams & step by step instructions to ensure the recipient will be delighted with their gift, and able to START USING IT IMMEDIATELY.
- 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service so if you have any issues whatsoever, please contact us so we can put it right, FAST.

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