Product : Chalk Pens - Pack of 10 neon colour markers - Use on Whiteboard, Chalkboard, Window, Blackboard - 3 mm Bullet Tip

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Here at Chalkola, our philosophy is pretty simple: live a vibrant life.

And we think the best way to accomplish that is through pure, joyful, freedom of expression. Thats the idea behind our chalk markers: 

> Unlimited bright, rich, vivacious colour. 10 incredible choices at your fingertips.
> Freedom to choose the perfect surface. Anytime creativity strikes.
> Ultimate flexibility to wipe and start again. Life changes. So can your design.

All the ingredients for an incredible creative experience (we know, our customers told us).

"I love the bright and bold colors"
All the color you could want. All together in one beautifully designed package, begging you to slide a few out and go to town! Choose one of our 10 notoriously bright chalk pens.

"I like how clean of a line I can get"
Chalk is messy. Whiteboards are boring. Paint is a hassle. Our liquid chalk pens are the perfect combination of smooth, flowing, paint-like ink with a crisp, natural edge delivered by our versatile bullet tip design. Clean edges, and full color - even after its dry. Kid-tested, artist-approved.

"Its kinda therapeutic, how easily it comes off"
Simply wipe with a damp cloth and youre left with a squeaky-clean drawing surface, ready for round two. (Note of caution: make sure your surface is non-porous before you start. Those tend not to want to "release" our ink.)

"We use them daily in every class"
You care deeply about your students. So do we. What better way to give them an exciting, engaging experience than to brighten your classroom and learn at the same time? Plus, who doesnt want to be known as the "fun" teacher at school?

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Get it now, and enjoy the years of fun and creativity to come!

KID SAFE - Use Liquid chalk markers to Design on arts and craft Paper, Non porous Walls, Car windows, Signs, Classroom projects, Books, Blackboard, Scrapbooking, Hand Lettering, stencil ink - As they are Eco friendly, Non Toxic, Xylene Free, Odor Free
- USE ONLY ON NON POROUS SURFACES - Porous Surfaces will absorb ink and leave ghosting. Always test a small hidden area of the surface first. Our markers have water based ink which can be easily erased using a wet wipe cloth.
- BEST Teacher Supplies for Classroom - Teachers are finding newer and more creative ways to teach at preschool, elementary, Kindergarten, middle and high School & childminder have rated Chalkola Marker as their #1 educational supply tool. Make teaching Materials more fun with colors - Be it a math, science, history, music or art class
- BUY THE PERFECT GIFT - For Him, Her, Kids -> Fun for Entire family - Decorate Birthday Parties, Furniture, Restaurant, Bars, Halloween, Christmas, Fall, Valentines, Thanks Giving holiday with these fine felt tip markers
- Chalkola wet erase markers are VIBRANT | BRIGHT | BOLD - They can be used on Mason jars, ceramic, DIY projects, leaving personal notes on Mirror & calendar, Chalk board contact paper, tile, Metal, Plastic, Glasses doors, Thank you Card, Glitter Accessories, Cafe menus, pubs, Gym boards, Sewing & tracing patterns on fabric, Mark expiration date on food canisters & Containers, chalkboard labels, Business Folder, Lunch menu, Kitchen, garden, Mega Mugs, Plants & as Dry Markers.

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