Product : Critical Path Method (CPM) Tutor for Construction Planning and Scheduling (P/L Custom Scoring Survey)

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This unique tool provides a fresh approach to construction scheduling by focusing on ways in which the Critical Path Method (CPM) can be used to answer the important questions that arise on virtually every construction project.

Critical Path Method (CPM) Tutor for Construction Planning and Scheduling helps commercial contractors meet today’s ever-increasing demands to improve operational efficiency and increase profitability. The construction schedule is heavily dependent upon the skill of the practitioner and responsible participants, and one which greatly impacts the efficiency, cost, and overall success or failure of a project.

This book explains the practical application of the CPM, the most widely used and taught technique for construction planning and scheduling. You’ll be guided through each step of the CPM process--from planning and communication to deciding payment and/or claims. Practitioners and students will quickly understand both the mechanics and the use of the CPM. Contractors will be able to apply this knowledge to plan their work more completely, better communicate their plans, accurately evaluate the impact of delays, and make better on-the-spot decisions.

  • Features real-world construction examples and worked problems
  • Describes how to measure on-site/field productivity and address potential issues
  • Shows how to effectively communicate progress, targets, and requests with subcontractors and stakeholders

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