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Get the Secret Swipe File of Bestselling Authors, Literary Agents and Big Publishing Houses – Turn Your Fiction Query Letter Into an Agent Attracting Machine!

You are about to step into a vault of bestseller templates with copy-and-paste prompts that leave nothing to chance. How do I know? After studying query letters for 20+ years, I got an agent with my very first letter.

Now so can you.

In this step-by-step blueprint to writing fiction query letters, you’ll get:

  • Hundreds of the exact words, phrases and templates of successful query letters to get full manuscript requests and offers of representation
  • Full copy + paste query letter templates – this book virtually writes your query letter for you!
  • Instant connection openers to hijack an agent’s attention and get you out of the slush pile fast
  • Mouthwatering novel pitches that get literary agents and publishers begging to see your work
  • Unstoppable, hypnotic prose that pushes all the “hot buttons” agents can’t resist
  • Salutations that seal the deal and activate “Gotta have it!” responses from top agents
  • Note: This book is exclusively for fiction query letters only!

Learn the Hidden Patterns, Forces and Shortcuts that Trigger an Automatic “YES!” from Literary Agents and Publishers.

Scroll up right now and get the book!

Since you’ve read this far, I think I know two things:

  • You really want to knock your query letter out of the park on the first try (Who doesnt? Thats what I want, too)
  • You want to know if this book will REALLY help or if it is a bag of lies that rehash the same old stuff (I get it. I’ve been burned before, too)

Let me see if I can help.
  • Start your query letter with the word “WHEN”, as in “When Eric Shooter found out he was a reincarnated serial killer…” or “When the dead body washed ashore. “
  • That’s just ONE of hundreds of exact words, phrases and full templates you get when you buy this book.

Why worry about that nagging voice that says, “Why don’t you order right this instant?” and “What are you waiting for?”, and “I wonder if my query letter could have been even better?”

That voice has a point. This is your dream. This is your life. Don’t settle for less than you and your novel deserve. Don’t miss the chance to write the letter that gets the agent that changes everything. Your future self will thank you.



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