Product : The Alchemy of Miracles: A Soulful Guide to Manifesting Money, Magic and Sacred Success (Free Meditations Downloads, Crystal Grids, Posters and more Included!)

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***Due to popular demand, The Alchemy of Miracles is now also available in a stunning FULL COLOR physical edition!***

How would you like to master the art of manifesting money and finally attract success into your life?

In The Alchemy of Miracles, Ananda Finnikin makes the process of manifesting money and all of your deepest desires available to everyone who is ready and willing to explore their inner magic.

The Alchemy of Miracles isnt an ordinary book. Its an experience... a sacred tool box of guided meditations, intuitive exercises, full color reference posters, stunning crystal grids and other tools to help you manifest money, attract success or invite more magic into your day to day life.

In the Alchemy of Miracles, you’ll learn…

- The basics of Sacred Alchemy and the steps to manifest abundance with ease.

- How to balance your energy so that you know exactly what you need to release and what you need to embrace to attract success.

- How to expand your intuition so that you can expand your capacity to manifest abundance.

- And of course... theres more!

Manifesting abundance has never been this simple.

If youre ready to manifest money and success, this is the perfect initiation to your new abundant life.

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