Product : The Twins: The Richard & Judy Bestseller

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Outstandingly good. Part-thriller, part-love story, I guarantee you will not be able to put it down Sun

The Richard and Judy Bestseller.

They were identical in every way
Until the unthinkable tore them apart

Isolte and Viola are twins. Inseparable as children, theyve grown into very different adults: Isolte, a successful features writer for a fashion magazine with a photographer boyfriend and a flat in London, and Viola, desperately unhappy and struggling with a lifelong eating disorder.

What happened all those years ago to set the twins on such different paths to adulthood? As both women start to unravel the escalating tragedies of a half-remembered summer, terrifying secrets from the past come rushing back - and threaten to overwhelm their adult lives...

Convincing and compelling . . . building tension that resonates even after the novel ends Stylist

This book got its hooks into us and wouldnt let go. Hypnotic, with real emotional punch Star

Gripping Marie Claire

Stunning in its insight and beautifully written Judy Finnigan

Touching and extremely readable Sunday Mirror

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